What Our Customers Have To Say


You’ll want to switch to Dr. Michelle DeFere! I did after years with a great chiropractor…all because her approach is different. You will be surprised at how much time she takes to warm up your muscles and assess your needs before ever doing any adjustments. You owe it to yourself to see the difference. Katrina C
I have seen a few chiropractors in the past and I can honestly say that Dr. Michelle DeFere provides the best chiropractic care you can find in South Eastern Wisconsin. After a car accident I was in, she has kept me in line and upright with the best care. John J
I have seen other chiropractors in the past. Dr. Michelle DeFere is by far the best. She can feel with her hands where I hurt before I even tell her. Tracy A
Excellent Care: Dr. Michelle DeFere is a knowledgeable and compassionate Chiropractor. During your appointment she makes sure that she addresses any physical ailments that you may have. She will spend as much time with you as needed. When you leave her office you will definitely feel better than when you came in for your appointment. Denise, who is the receptionist is welcoming and will go above and beyond to help the patients. You not only feel better physically after seeing Dr. DeFere but you will leave her office feeling like you have gained a friend. Patricia M
Michelle has been helping our family for years. She is the only person I’ll ever trust for chiropractic work as well as health and wellness. I’ve taken both my children to her throughout the years. I’m not one to get routine chiropractic work but she seriously healed me in one visit when I threw my back out. I even got my mother to go see her when her pelvic floor was stuck, she couldn’t get out of bed. The regular docs told her there was nothing they could do. In one visit my mom could walk 85% better then when she stumbled in and in two visits she was healed!! She truly wants to help people and will work with you where your at. We love Michelle and couldn’t recommend her enough! Stephanie C
My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Michelle DeFere for over 10 years. My husband had several flare ups with his sciatic nerve and was in severe pain. She has gone above and beyond to alleviate his pain and get him back to a healthy state. My neck was injured years ago in a car accident. She has me on a weekly maintenance schedule to keep me going. She also addresses my lower back when it bothers me. She is a very caring and thoughtful person who always goes way beyond what is necessary. She always takes the time to listen to you and evaluated the problem for the correct course of action needed. We would highly recommend Dr. DeFere to anyone needing treatment. Terry & Sandy H
For 25 years Dr. Michelle DeFere at Hubertus Chiropractic Center has been my provider of choice for chiropractic care. Along with precise and expedient treatments she is willing to listen and demonstrates a personable and professional bedside manner. Teri P
I have been sending drivers, including myself, to Hubertus Chiropractic for DOT physicals for numerous years. They do a great of job of scheduling an appointment and have a wide selection of times to get in. They are conveniently located at a major intersection and have a huge parking lot just in case you have to stop with a semi or straight truck. A huge plus is that they will forward your completed DOT physical card to the state so you don’t have to try to get to the DMV or try to download it. Tony M
Dr. DeFere is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have recommended her to my family members. She always fits me into her schedule in an emergency and is able to relieve my back pain. Terry P
Many years ago, Dr. Michelle DeFere was recommended to me after I was in a car accident. I experienced more and more back pain as time passed, to the point of seeking her help. She Suggested electronic stimulation and massage therapy along with chiropractic adjustments. I was amazed at how my back released and straightened! Through the years, she has helped me with a frozen shoulder, has given me continual support for a former knee injury, helped me with Mercury Poisoning and a thyroid issue (both detected with Nutrition Response Testing), as well as anything else that has brought me to her door. Dr. Michelle is always continuing her education with the intent that she can better help her patients. I now visit Hubertus Chiropractic Center regularly as a part of my personal health plan. I look forward to my appointments knowing I will receive what I need. Everyone in the center (doctor, receptionist, and massage therapist) works together to create a place of healing. Jan P
Dr. DeFere has been fantastic when helping me with my lower back issues. When I recommend her to others, I always say, “She has healing hands”. I have walked into her office sideways at a level 9+ pain level and walked out with a level 2 which I can control with over the counter medications. I am completely off any prescription pain medications because of her skill and care. Joel I
I am an older lady and because of injuries and life long hard physical work, chiropractic care is a necessity. Regular adjustments are needed in order for me to work and stay as healthy as possible. The available nutritional counseling has also been a great help to me. When I go in for and adjustment I feel like I am visiting a friend because of the kind and caring help I receive. The method used is very gentle and that is very important to me when I am hurting so much. The parking is right by the office so it is very easy to get into. I am so grateful for Michelle’s kind care of me. Petra D
I have been seeing Michelle for over 10 years. I have a neck injury from a bad car accident and she has helped me tremendously with migraines and mobility issues. My entire family goes to Michelle and we have never left her office with an issue unresolved. I highly recommend Hubertus Chiropractic! Kathy P
After many years of going to the big chains for our DOT physicals and many drivers being unhappy with the staffing at the chains we started our search for a new place. We wanted someone who was local. Our search has ended after sending our firsts driver to Dr. Michelle. From the first call the receptionist to the visit with Dr. Michelle the drivers feel at ease and at home with them. They are easy to get into and do all the paperwork with the drivers, even uploading the med card to the DMV for you. We not only use Dr. Michelle for DOT we also use her for her chiropractic expertise. We have had nothing but quick recoveries for the injuries we have seen her for. I have found our home for DOT physicals with Hubertus Chiropractic. Steve M
I have bad scoliosis and Dr. Michelle keeps me feeling great and being able to do my job daily. She’s the best – and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Pat N
Our family has worked with many chiropractors over several decades. Dr. Michelle is always there for us. She doesn’t just manipulate the spine, but works with all areas of the body, the surrounding tissues and muscle groups to correct the problem. Penny F
I have been seeing Dr. DeFere since 2002. She has been treating me for lower back pain. Dr. DeFere has also been helping me with nutritional supplements and dietary changes. I am feeling well and my quality of life has improved greatly since I started seeing her. I am so grateful to her for all her help. Julie P