DOT Physical Exams for Truck Drivers

Truck driving is a career path that requires excellent health. Spending a lot of time seated, a condition that includes driving time, is a significant health risk. Your employer must ensure that you are healthy enough to take that health risk before they put you on the road.

In order to keep the roads safe and minimize health problems for drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all drivers to pass a DOT medical exam before earning a commercial driver’s license.

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What is Tested During a DOT Physical?

The FMCSA requires medical examiners to follow a very specific protocol and fill out a federal form for all trucking physicals.

To start, you must fill out your health history. This includes information on any surgeries you’ve had, medications you are currently using, specific diagnoses, substance issues, and symptoms.

From there, the medical examiner tests various parts of your health. They test your pulse, blood pressure, vision in both eyes, and hearing. You must also pass a urinalysis test. This is used for drug testing and detection of blood, sugar, or protein in the urine.

During the physical examination, your doctor checks your overall health and each body system, marking it as normal or abnormal. The doctor then sends the DOT physical form directly to the licensing agency in your state.

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